Members of the Bushnell Family visit Hartland on July 8th, 2007

Historical Society 2007
Photos of Dr. William Bushnell, and the original First Church stone step

A sign on the First Church Parish Hall welcomes the Bushnell Family to East Hartland.
The first stone step was replaced a few years ago; view the original step at the link above.

Sixty members of the Bushnell family from several other states arrive by bus from Hartford to attend a Sunday morning service.

Added to the regular church goers, most of the pews were full.   The service included Communion and everyone was invited to partake.

Afterwards, guests walked across the street where a light lunch was provided by the women of the church and the Historical Society.

Limited seating in the hall was quickly filled as people enjoyed socializing.   The overflow moved into the classroom area.

Before the bus departed for Hartford, Brian Hazelwood explained some of the unique cemetery history with an escorted tour.

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