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From “The Hartford Courant” July 16, 2005.   Actually Hartland is in Hartford County!
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First there was a sign that was placed at the town garage.   Sometime later after all papers were signed, a pile of blue stone is delivered.

The fire department was called to wet down the pile, as the stone was very dusty and difficult to work with.   The stone is transferred to a pre-dug hole.
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A grid of two layers of rebar is built and placed on top of the stone.   Three tower supports are connected by a steel frame, and everything is wired together.

The rebar frame is covered with 94-½ cubic feet of pre-mixed concrete.   An inspector has several samples taken, that will be stress tested later when cured.
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A trench has been dug for the power lines that will be run to the tower.   The three tower supports are now also filled with concrete.

New electric panels wait to be connected by the electrical contractor.   Final site work before the arrival of the tower.
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The building where the telephone equipment will be installed, arrives by truck.   A local contractor supervises the placement of it on the site.

The steel leg sections of the tower are placed on site by crane.   The first leg section is bolted to it's cement pad.
Workers sit on the top of the second tier, as the first section of the third tier is lowered into place.
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And the tower grows higher and HIGHER.

A second cell tower site is under construction on Rt. 181 in West Hartland.   The tower is now complete, and is in service for cell phone customers.

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