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        There is a new mural in the entry way at Hartland Elementary School in the town of Hartland , CT.   Hartland is an unusual place.   It is a town of 1800 or so possessing a rich history.   It is out of another era in many ways as there is only one existing commercial property.   It is nine miles to the nearest gas station and grocery store.   The mural was created and painted by the children with the art teacher and a visiting artist.   It was produced using the method of pointillism.   The mural encompasses the familiar building and landmarks in town, including the Post Office, Town Hall, School, Fire Station and the Churches in town and the one Restaurant.   The mural is awesome!
        But especially dear to me was that the mural was dedicated to my mother.   Joan Stoltze was an elementary teacher at the Hartland Elementary School for 25 years.   She poured herself into the school and the community, raising six children, hosting countless boy scout meetings, President of the Historical Society for 18 years and named CT Teacher of the Year.   Since my mother’s retirement, she has volunteered to teach an art appreciation course to the fifth grade class every year she physically could.   She has endured though knee replacement surgery (years ago) and a quadruple bypass (last spring).   She was thrilled by the dedication and said in her acceptance speech, "My dearest wish was to never walk through the halls of this school and not be known and recognized.   Now my name will be placed alongside the children’s artwork forever."         Jane Loftus         Pictures by Deb Blake


From the "Our Town" section of the “Hartford Courant” dated August 10, 2006
On May 5, 2006, the Governor’s Horse Guard arrived by trailer at the Hartland Elementary School.
It was a part of the school's “Just say ‘NEIGH’ to drugs program.”

To learn more about the Hartland Elementary School, please visit their web site: http://www.hartlandschool.com

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