Hartland Historical Society Members House Tour 2009

Historical Society 2009
The Murray House on Peck Orchard Road in the north east section of town was built about 1740.

Entering the house from the side, one steps into a large sun room.   Off a modern kitchen is an elegant dinning room.

A grandfather clock graces this well appointed room.   An old hand carved desk is a main feature of this room.

Just one of the many stone fire places in the center of the house.   This could have originally been a sewing room.

A guest bedroom is tucked behind the kitchen.   The master bedroom on the second floor.

A second bedroom also on the second floor.   Representations of constellations can be seen over the slid away children’s beds.

Behind the bar was a large wine cellar.   The large chimney base occupies more than half the space under the main house.

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