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Historical Society

1. - Mill Street School - Built circa 1820 with extremely thick walls of stone, it was in continuous operation until the 1930’s. We are fortunate to have among us, at this time, some who were educated in this structure.
2. - Bethany Lutheran Brethren Church - Was built in Hartland in 1953. The structure was enlarged in 1967 and another addition was attached in 1998 housing a full auditorium.
3. - Hartland Elementary School - 9-3/8" x 2-3/8" - Built in 1949 at a cost of $125,430. Many residents thought it would be the solution to Hartland’s educational needs for all time. It has been enlarged 4 times since that date.
4. - Shew Home - Was built by Edward Brockway in 1777. The small cellar was dug from solid rock. Mr. Brockway left Hartland to live in Ohio. It is the former Raabe farmhouse, and is one of the oldest houses in Hartland.
5. - First Church in Hartland - 4-3/4" x 7-7/8" - The first meeting house served both civil and religious functions and was built in 1764. It was replaced by the present structure in 1801; an original spire fell of in 1844 and was never replaced.
6. - Stoltze Home - This New England farmhouse was built in 1894 by Leverett Emmons, a veteran of the Civil War. It cost $3,800 to erect.
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7. - Hartland Town Hall - In January 2002, the new Town hall was opened. It was built on the site of the previous town offices and garage that had been erected in 1969. Local architects Joseph Alicata and Robert Mocarsky designed the project.
8. - Second Congregational Church - 5-1/8" x 6-1/4” - This structure was erected in 1844 on the foundation of the former meeting house. The steeple bell is from 1835 and served the earlier building. The church was repaired in 1883 and again in 1952.
9. - Lindgren House - Located in the center of East Hartland, this home was built in 1816 by Jared Newell. Previous owners are the Giddings, Case, and Emmons. The Lindgrens bought the property from Mr. And Mrs. Jones in 1994. They are only the sixth family to live in this stately home in almost 200 years.
10. - Hayes Store - This general store was built in the late 1800 and had been operated by four generations of Hayes family. The enlarged store burned in 1988 and has not been rebuilt.
11. - Gaylord House - 6-7/8” x 3-1/2” - Elias Gilman built this house in 1845. The Historical Society obtained it from the Metropolitan District Commission through the town of Hartland in 1984. The house is named for it’s owner, Edward Arthur Gaylord. It now houses a small museum and is the headquarters of the Hartland Historical Society.
12. - Old Stone House - This West Hartland house was built in 1749. Fern Hafner was hostess to large gatherings there. Her sister, Annie Laurie and her husband, Maurice Crain, literary agents, brought John Steinbeck, Harper Lee, Kathleen Windsor, and Alan Payton to visit. The property is now owned by Sal Barone and family.
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13. - Devlin Home - 6-3/4" x 3-3/16" - This house stands on the land that marked the center of East Hartland. Over the years a store, a wagon shop and a horse shed were located on the property. The house was built ~ 1818 and was bought in 1921 by James W. Devlin (grandfather to the present owner), who operated a general store in a small building near the road until 1936.
14. - John Ransom House - A 1772 structure bought by Carlton Osborn in 1900 from which he operated a country store on the West Mountain for 40 years.
15. - Hartland Library - One of the last one-room schools housing all eight grades in the State of Connecticut, this building was completed in 1937. The school was closed in 1954 and presently serves as a library and town hall.
16. - Selby/Sottile House - E. Selby build this house in 1783 on the land he bought from Timothy Bigelow of Hartford. Bigelow owned 17,654 acres which was all of Hartland at that date. Selby lived in the house until 1830when he sold it to family. The house and 4 acres are now owned by Gregory and Melissa Sottile.
17. - Stone Schoolhouse - Located on Route 20 in East Hartland, this building was erected in 1830 and was the second school on this site. The Town Committee sold it in 1909 and it is now owned by the Mueller Family.
18. - East Hartland Post Office - This Post Office was built in 1961 replacing the on that had been next door in the home of the Post Master Nathaniel “Doc” Emmons. Previously to that, David Gaines was the post master serving from his home on Hartland Blvd. Next to the Congregational Church.
19. - Coach and Four Restaurant - 4-5/8” x 3-5/8” - Uriel Holmes gained possession of the land on which this building stands in 1779. It served Hartland as many different functions, including a pizza house, antique shop, a preschool and an inn. It was extensively renovated in 1963 and has served as a restaurant since.
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20. - First Church Parsonage - Built in 1848 by the Reverend Nelson Scott, the parsonage has served as a home to the ministers of the First Congregational Church of Hartland until 1990. This building has since been used by the church for a verity of purposes including housing for a Bosnian refugee family.
21. - Kip Hall at Camp Alice Merritt - 9-1/4" x 3-1/4" - Camp Alice Merritt was purchased by the Hartford Girl Scouts in 1925 from Nellie Cowdry. It provided camping facilities until ownership passed to the town of Hartland in 1992. Kip Hall was used as a dormitory, dining and meeting space.
22. - East Hartland Fire Department - Originally built as the Center District one room school in 1909, this building was bought by the E. H. Fire Dept. in 1949 and renovated to a two bay firehouse. Two additional bays, and enlarged hall, fireplace and kitchen have been added.
23. - The First Methodist Church was built in 1834 about a mile south of West Hartland center. The present building was erected in 1897 and served an active congregation until 1923. It is now used as a church hall for the Second Congregational Church.
24. - West Hartland Fire Department - 5-1/2" x 2-1/8" - The firehouse was built on the cellar hole of the late 1770’s home of Samuel Woodbridge. His son operated a school for boys and a store on the property until it was destroyed in 1860. The land was purchased from the state of CT. by the WHVFD in 1953.
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25. - The West Hartland Post Office was moved from the home of Florence Ransom, Postmaster Retired, to the remodeled wood shed attached to the 1835 home of Mary and Leonard Ransom on Dec. 31, 1959. The Post Office was permanently closed in 1998.
26. - The John Gates House - 5-1/4" x 3-3/8" - There is evidence that the site of this house was purchased in 1774 and has had two previous homes on it. John Gates built the present one in 1863 and it was used as a hotel for many years. It is presently owned by Van and Caroline Evans.
27. - The Frog and Turtle Barn - Located on the south side of Rengerman Hill Rd., this old barn was once owned by Edith Leopold and is now owned by the Audubon Society. Residents value the mural of the frog and the turtle painted on it’s side by Hank Prussing, a local artist.
28. - Eseppi Home - 6-1/8" x 3-7/8" - This comfortable looking house was built in the late 1930's by Ray Hall and is now owned by Paul and Irene Eseppi. It has all the style and charm of it's era. Of special note is the impressive stone wall constructed at the front of the property by Paul himself.
29. - Murray House - 4-3/4” x 4-1/8” - This house built about 1740, is the only one remaining of 7 or 8 that stood on Peck Orchard Road in that era. The Gaines Notes tell us that Nat Clark mortgaged his West Hartland land and a 7 acre orchard on this farm for $379 in 1810. Marion and Bill Murray have owned and cared for this house since 1959.
30. - TBA
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