Planning and Zoning - 2009

Municipal Services
Read a draft copy of the Proposed Changes to the Hartland Planning and Zoning regulations.

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to access this PDF file, which is a FREE download at the link below.

A public hearing on these changes was opened on Jan 26th 2009 and will be continued on Feb 23rd in the town hall at 7:30 PM.

Planning and Zoning - 2008
Read the PowerPoint draft of the Hartland Ten Year Plan of Conservation and Development.

This document is a draft of the Ten Year Plan submitted by the Town Planning Commission to the Planning and Zoning Commission of the town of Hartland.   A public hearing will be held by the Planning and Zoning Commission in September 2008.   Watch this space for notice of the specific hearing date.

Also available is a Power Point presentation of the Hartland Natural Resource Inventory.

There is also an interesting collection of area maps, showing various town of Hartland features.

NRI - Farmington River Watershed | NRI - Topography | NRI - Slopes | NRI - Parcels and Zoning | NRI - Sub Regional Drainage Basins
NRI - Wetlands and Flood Plains | NRI - Water Quality and Discharge | NRI - Potential Ground Water | NRI - FEMA Flood Zone
NRI - Open Space | NRI - Potential Vernal Pools | NRI - Land Use | NRI - Development Constraints | PM - Community Facilities
PM - Future Land Use Plan | PM - Existing Land Use | PM - Natural Resources | PM - Road Classification | PM - Slopes | PM - Wetlands
PM - Zoning | CT - Conservation and Development Policies Plan | MDC - Property Ownership

Ten Year Plan of Conservation and Development - 2006
On Thursday, June 15 2006, the Hartland Plan of Conservation and Development Ad Hoc Committee presented the results of Hartland's 2006 Community Survey at a public meeting in Hartland Elementary School. Copies of the presentation are now available for review at the Selectman's Office (in the Hartland Town Offices on South Road) and at the Hartland Public Library in West Hartland (Route 20). Our committee greatly appreciates your participation in the survey!

Read the PowerPoint survey results completed in the Summer of 2006.

As required by State law, the Town of Hartland is updating its 10-year plan of conservation and development.   A key input into this plan is the Town's 2006 Community Survey.   It is being administered to better understand the opinions of townspeople and their vision of Hartland's future.   The anonymous survey should be completed by the head of the household.   There is no need to sign it or identify oneself in any way.   Completed surveys must be returned by April 7, 2006.   It also can be dropped off at the Selectman’s Office on South Road.   Hartland is your town and this is an opportunity for you to help shape its future.   Please participate!   Respectfully, Hartland 10-Year Plan of Conservation and Development Ad Hoc Committee.
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