Town Road Repairs - 2008


In September 2008, Lost Acres Road, from Granville Road to the Granby town line, was repaved under the supervision of the town crew.
Originally the surface was gravel and then sometime around 1943, a coating of deep penetrating oil (liquid asphalt) was first applied.

Since that time, additional similar coatings and thin layers of asphalt have been added, leaving more that a foot of base that needed
to be striped and ground up.   Six to twelve inches was left and the surface was then leveled, straightened, widened and recrowned.

The budget allowed for one mile of the north end to be paved with one and three quarters inches of “Class 1 Amosite” base.
The other three tenths of a mile to the town line was in better condition and was covered with three quarters inch of the same material.

During the same time, Fuller Road was widened and regraded by the same paving crew, with processed material from a company located in East Granby.

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