Hartland Historical Society's Annual Santa Breakfast 2006

Santa Breakfast 2009
Historical Society members arrive to begin the setup on Friday afternoon.   All the tables could use a good wipe down.

There are greens to decorate the mantle, and eating utensils to be wrapped within a napkin.
To accommodate all of the expected guests, extra chairs are moved outside.
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A sign in front of First Church announces the event.   A lady with a Christmas smile is happy to take your money.
Meanwhile in the kitchen, pancakes and sausages are readied for the next family.

Santa’s elves take your order and quickly return with breakfast.   After they eat, children get a chance to talk with Santa.
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Jolly Old Saint Nick has a friendly wave.   Now it’s time for Mom to take her son over to the school.   Cooking utensils are washed in the truck bay.

At the shopping center, young children decide on gifts for special people on their list.   Cooking seems to make the kitchen warm, but volunteers love their work.

This page last updated 12/5/2009
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