Hartland Historical Society's Annual Santa Breakfast 2009

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That’s the same sign in front of First Church that the photographer took a picture of last year!
Inside the East Hartland Fire Department hall members of HHS set up for this year’s breakfast.

On Friday the 11th of December, three nice ladies wrap silverware in red and white napkins.
It looks like someone else has already arranged gift items that children can purchase for Mom and Dad.

The next morning several male cooks are busy cooking pancakes and sausages.   The ladies will be filling orders brought to them by the student wait staff.

All the volunteers get to sample the food prior to opening the door to town’s people.   Later, most chairs were occupied by the looks of things.

Santa arrived to talk with children, to find out if their parents had been good or not!!   Displayed on the table next to the cashier are items for the raffle.

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