Blue Berry Picnic sponsored by the Historical Society - 2008

Blue Berry Picnic - 2009
Guests are requested to sign in as they arrive.   Hot dogs and hamburgers are cooked by a Society member.

Storm clouds were moving in from the west, but for now the sun is still out.   There were lots of blueberry goodies to sample.

The Laurel Queen from Winsted mingled with residents.   Brett Watson gave an interesting talk
on the Connecticut Conservation Corps.   Read a synopsis of that CCC report.

Afterwards, everyone had the opportunity to go inside the Gaylord House to view the items on display.
Mrs. Eleanor Osborn Clark, a World War II nurse, displayed several of her uniforms and talked about her experiences.

The CCC was born out of the New Deal programs instituted by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt; itís purpose was two fold, 1) conserve our natural resources and 2) salvage our young men. The President accomplished getting his idea through Congress and implementing the program in 37 days. The CCC lasted from 1933 to 1942 and was instrumental in the development of forest fire fighting methods, reforestation programs, construction of public roadways and buildings, development of the infrastructure of the outdoor recreational system, built and operated fish hatcheries, trained young men in the military style camp life that supported the WWII manpower effort, the boys assisted in supporting their families by receiving $30/month of which 25$ was allotted home. It is credited as being the most successful public works program in the history of the United States. After the signing of the Treaty of Versailles, which stated that no country would have a battle ready military, Hitler used a similar national work plan to his advantage by stating he was saving the infrastructure and economy of his country by employing his citizens in public works, much like that of the Civilian Conservation Corps.
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