Hartland Historical Society Doll & Doll House Exhibit

Historical Society 2006
Louise Hayes - A Gilbert Teddy Bear purchased by Louise in 1956 at Gilbert School.   Louise’s aunt made a doll when in college with clothes and a hand painted face.   Grace Jones - A childhood doll with original clothing, blanket and cradle.   A rag doll made by Grace’s sister Virginia in 1943.   Also a tea set from the early 1900's that belonged to Grace's Aunt Florence. Barbara Watson - Charlie McCarthy, Queen Elizabeth, and Bisque Doll.

Heike Krauland - Dolls that represent different parts of Germany, Austria, and France, received as gifts from an Aunt and Uncle in Germany.   Some were also collected during a trip to Europe with her family in 1980's.   Erin Mills - Well known Santas, handmade by her and sold worldwide.   Elizabeth Smith - A personal collection of Elizabeth’s including: Cracker Jack Doll, Boudoir Doll, French Folk Dolls, Rhett Butler and Scarlet O'Hara, Scottish Piper, tiny China Girl doll, Gem and Rio, black composition doll, and a black rubber doll.   Barbara Watson - China set from 1930's.   Rex Harrison as Dr. Doolittle, Campbell Kids, Shirley Temple, Nurse Rag Doll, Black Rag Dolls, Indian Doll, and Madame Alexander dolls.
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Mandy Nurge - A collection of Dolls.   No other information available.

April Perry/Seidman - Revlon, Barbie dolls from different years, Tressy, and German made doll, are the dolls of Janet Perry, April's mother.

April Perry/Seidman - More of Janet Perry’s dolls.
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Alana Broderwick - 2 Doll Houses - 1980's - One made by her husband, the other bought from The Wooden Toy Store.   Both contain furniture made and collected over the years by family and 2 of their daughters.   Also note the mouse house collection in the attic belonging to their 3rd daughter.

Peter Harnois - Doll House - Peter build this Log Cabin for his daughter.
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Ellen Jansen - Doll House - Childhood dollhouse made of a wood composite.   Furniture and trimmings are made mostly of wood.

Ellen Jansen - 2 Doll Houses - Metal dollhouses purchased to house collection of furniture and trimmings Ellen has collected over the years.   One house has mostly all metal furnishing and the other mostly plastic.   Joe Kane - Doll House build in 1907 by Harry Gorse for 4 daughters, one being Molly, who was Joe Kane's mother.
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Angela Malo - Doll House build in 1973 by Angela's father.

Mandy Nurge - 2 Doll Houses - No other information available.

Lynn Osborn - Doll House made by Chip Ransom, and won by Lynn at a 1991 First Congregational Church of Hartland auction.

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