Hartland Fire Department Open House - October 24th 2009

Fire Department

A sign out front of the East Hartland firehouse announces the time and day of the event.
Several fire trucks are already in place for a pumping demonstration.

Engine #1, an HME pumper from West Hartland sits on standby with it’s 1200 gallons of water.
Active firefighters show off some of their latest extrication tools to a retired member.

Visitors had lots to look at from old and recent photos, to home fire extinguishers that were for sale.
There was time for a light lunch and perhaps some politicking for new members.

Because Hartland does not have a town water system with hydrants,
“dump tanks” are set up as portable ponds, and are refilled by a tanker shuttle.

By utilizing a “deck gun” that is mounted on the top of a pumper,
town’s people were shown how firemen “Put the wet stuff, (water) on the red stuff! (fire)

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