Hartland, Connecticut

Hartland Fire Department

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For all Emergencies DIAL 9-1-1

A Hartland Fire Department Open House was held on October 24th 2009
General Information for the East Hartland Volunteer Fire Department | West Hartland Volunteer Fire Department

General - The Town of Hartland is bisected by the Barkhamsted Reservoir into the communities of East and West Hartland. Each has its own volunteer fire department which provides emergency services to the respective communities and to neighboring areas through mutual aid agreements. Both departments eagerly welcome prospective members interested in emergency service activities, and each holds it's monthly meeting on the first Tuesday of the month at 8:00 p.m.
Objective - The objective of each of the Town’s two fire departments is to provide fire fighting, rescue, limited medical services, and related activities to Town residents to the extent of their capabilities and to coordinate delivery of additional resources when necessary through mutual aid agreements.
Organization - Each department is a private corporation managed by elected administrative officers. Firefighting and rescue functions are managed by a Chief, Assistant Chief, and two/three additional line officers. Each department is equipped with two pumpers, and a tanker for water supply (as there are no hydrants in town). In addition, West Hartland VFD operates a brush truck and a rescue truck, while East Hartland VFD operates a rescue truck. The rescue trucks are for EMS calls, vehicle extrication and light rescue.
Operation - Many different emergency situations may occur in Hartland that require the services of a fire department. In these situations each of the town’s two fire departments provide services to maximize the survival of people and the protection of property.

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