Hartland Seniors - 2006

Seniors 2009

An "Old Men's Koffee Klatch" (OMKK) meeting on December 20th

On the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month the OMKK meets at the First Church Parish Hall in East Hartland for coffee and....
This group held their first gathering on September 17, 1975 and has been active ever since.

The Annual Senior Luncheon was held at the Elementary School on December 18th

Beatrice Isabelle, Municipal Agent, welcomes arriving seniors, while the buffet line is made ready by town employees.

Einar Olsen pronounces grace prior to the meal.   People ALWAYS enjoy well prepared food.

Dr. Robert Fish, School Superintendent, offers words of welcome.   Hartlandís Selectmen pose for the photographer.
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A flute duo provided pre-lunch entertainment, while members of the Student Council wait to assist as needed.

As can be seen on the above program, various groups from the school provided entertainment.

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The Hartland Lions Club Annual Senior Roast Beef Dinner October 21st

Town residents arrive for the noon time meal at the East Hartland fire house.   Volunteers in the kitchen prepare to serve the roast beef.

A Senior Luncheon was held in West Hartland on September 18th

State Representative, George M. Wilber, of the 63rd Assembly District, was the guest speaker.   He reported on "Acts Affecting Seniors."

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